Digital Support with Home Learning

Many of our pupils are comfortable using Glow independently but from time to time may need a reminder how to complete some tasks. If you would like any support for any aspect of technology regarding Home Learning then do not hesitate to contact Miss Lattimer at the school.

All pupils have a glow username and password. If your child has forgotten their username or password then please contact the school office.

Below are a few links that may help with familiarising yourself with GLOW, Google Meet and Google Classroom.

Digital help QR codes

Videoconferencing policy

Submitting your work on Google Classroom

GLOW overview for parents

How to access GLOW from Xbox One

How to access GLOW from PS4

GLOW Connect Information and Support site

Uploading work using an iPad or iPhone

Using a Chrome Book: typing and uploading

Our Primary 6 Pupils created some Google Meet instructions.

Amelia (P6)

Mya (P6)

Euan (P6)

Jodi-Leigh (P6)

Sophie (P6)

With children and young people still learning from home, the internet remains hugely valuable for education, entertainment and keeping in touch with family and friends. Most people online will be genuine and supportive. But others may not be, therefore, it is vital to continue to raise awareness of what to do if something goes wrong online. Please see the attached newsletter for specific guidance on topics such as:

  • watching videos
  • sharing information, images and videos
  • chatting, being kind and making friends online
  • online gaming
  • reporting and support service

Online Safety Newsletter February 2021