Wellbeing and Care

We meet the wellbeing and care of every pupil at David Livingstone through a variety of ways.

Our school ethos: We all work hard to maintain a positive, welcoming and kind ethos.

Health and Wellbeing:Our curriculum covers all aspects of pupil wellbeing. More information on this is contained in the School Handbook.

Support for Children: All children require support to overcome challenges as they grow and develop.  Some children require specific support to meet their individual needs. The  GIRFEC (getting it right for every child) framework is the national approach to supporting children that we follow.

This is what some of our children have said about our school:

Our school is friendly and welcoming as everyone wants to include people in everything they do.  Its great following in david Livingstone’s footsteps and learning lots every day.  Alex (P6)

David Livingstone Memorial Primary is a phenomenal fantastic, fun and challenging school.  Our new building is exciting.  Every single teacher there is so encouraging and gives all of the pupils a great education.  It is great that each and every pupil is respected for what they are. Shona (P6)

Our school is really good because its got a good environment and its clean.  They also encourage us to be healthy.  Our school is also fair with sports as they don’t say girls can’t do this but boys can. Jessica (P6)

It is fun in school because we learn new languages and we read lots of good books. Rachael (P6)

 I think it is great being a pupil here because we get lots of privileges like we get to go to the Panto and go on a class trip every year. Cara  (P6)

 In my school you get a chance to put all your skills to the test.  You use your maths skills in fun interactive learning and you can also improve your writing and language. Cooper (P5)

 I feel good in this school because we have lots of facilities to help us learn.  Some people don’t learn as fast as others so its good to have facilities to help them e.g. ICT Suite, iPads, Muga and sports equipment. Mia (P5)