Daily Mile

The Daily Mile has been in the news over the last year, with many schools taking on this initiative.  We have been aware of the benefits of short periods of regular exercise for pupils for some time and have discussed how we could implement this at David Livingstone.

Some classes have started going outside to walk and run more regularly.  Children in these classes may ask their parents to make sure they have appropriate footwear and outdoor wear so that they can go outside in all weathers.

At times this may replace some of the timetabled PE sessions.


For more information have a look at  http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/resources/a/approachestope/introduction.asp?strReferringChannel=learningandteaching&strReferringPageID=tcm:4-628501-64&class=l5+d139750


Well done to the P5 and P6 pupils who attended the athletics event at the sports centre today.  They are getting better each time we attend and performing well against other schools.

Welcome Back

Happy New Year to everyone at DLMPS.

Golden Time clubs will be starting this Friday for P3 to P7 children.  P5, P6 and P7 are currently choosing for a 5 week block. P3 and P4 children will be starting the first of their four 3 week blocks.