Active Schools Primary Dance Event

We are proud to say that we have a group of P4-7 children taking part in the Active Schools Primary Dance Event tomorrow night at Hamilton Town House! Don’t challenge any of them to a dance off as they are AMAZING! Good luck team!


The performance was FABULOUS! We could not be more proud of our dance troupe #dlivvies #activedance2017

Well done to all involved and a big thanks to Miss Campbell!


Cross Country Finals!

Calum and Andrew are taking part in the South Lanarkshire finals for Cross Country at Chatelherault tomorrow. Good Luck Boys!!



Out of 40 boys, Andrew came 10th and Calum came 14th! We are very proud!

The Big Stampede (update)

Our Hippo design has been finalised and his name was chosen. Thanks to Ebony in Primary 6 for coming up with the name, Scotty Malawi. There were lots of excellent suggestions for names, but the children all voted and Scotty Malawi came out on top! The children have now begun painting him and I have to say, he is looking


The Big Stampede in Primary 4

Primary 4 loved having Scotty Malawi to visit!!!! We watched the ‘All about Hippos’ video and used our literacy skills to take notes. We used these notes and what we have been learning about non-fiction, to help us make a Hippo Fact file.

The Big Stampede in P3

On Monday Scotty Malawi the hippo came to visit the P3 class. The children were quite concerned that he would get cold in the chilly Scottish weather so we decided to make him some pants! The children combined Scottish and African images and flags (and the occasional emoji!) to design lots of bright and colourful pants!


IMG_0205IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0202

IMG_0201 IMG_0200