Bonnie Blantyre Sunflower Competition

🌻Sunny Blantyre🌻

All children who attend David Livingstone Memorial Primary School were invited to join the, ‘Sunny Blantyre’ sunflower growing competition earlier this year.

The organisers now want to see who has grown the tallest sunflower(s) in our school. They would love you to post the sizes on their Facebook or Twitter feed along with the name of the child(ren) that grew them and the name of the school. It would be great if you could also share a photo.

They don’t just want to reward those that grew the tallest sunflowers. Every person who enters their sizes will receive a certificate of participation, so please do still share your sizes, even if your sunflower didn’t grow very tall. They also want to hear from those that tried to grow one and didn’t manage… You deserve a pat on the back too!

Every single person that shares their sizes/story will be invited along to a certificate presentation night on the evening of Monday 16th September at the TACT Hall. They’ll get to meet Bonnie and Grumble Bee – who doesn’t want to do that! It’s a lovely celebration of this community growing efforts!