World of Work P5 – P7


Craig from Scottish Autism came in to speak to P5-7 about his work.


Jennifer, Liam, Lauren and Ross are part of Airspace Air Crew, who came to tell us about their jobs. They showed us lots of tricks and flips – very impressive!


Dr Dunwoodie from Calderside Medical Centre came to visit P6 and P7. He told the children about his training and some of the things he does on a day to day basis. He also showed us some of the equipment he carries in his bag.


Asa Rodger is a graphic designer. He told the children all about his interesting job creating logos and advertising campaigns for big companies.


We had a visit from Mrs Smith who works as a nurse. She told us all about her job and gave us some demonstrations on bandaging and using a stethoscope.


Barclays bank came in to speak to us about finance and working within a budget.


Tiffany is a dance teacher. She spoke to us about going to college and starting up her own business. We warmed up and then had a go at some dance moves!


Shona Girdwood is a triathlete. She told us about her punishing schedule and the medals she has won.